The S Family | Colorado Springs Newborn and Family Photography

The S Family | Colorado Springs Newborn and Family Photography

There’s this funny little thing that happens every time we try to meet up. The first time, there was a bit of miscommunication and we were both waiting at different locations. The second time that didn’t happen was supposed to be for maternity pictures. But we got hit with a bad snow storm, and then their schedules got jammed up. And then Megan went and decided to have the baby early, so… Even the … [Read more...]

Squishy Baby Girl A – Colorado Springs Newborn Photography

Squishy Baby Girl A by Klocke Photography

Meet the A Family! (They are friends of Jeff and Sarah, who came to me via the A Family. You see? I love word of mouth and referrals. About 98% of my clients come that way. It’s my favorite!) Baby A was a big baby, coming in at just over 10 pounds. Good job, Mama! Also, whew and gracious and wowsa! See? Squishy beautiful baby girl! We interrupt this baby goodness to bring you The … [Read more...]

It’s … another girl!

It's a girl by Klocke Photography

I've sort of told this story a bit before: I met Autumn before there was a Jake in her life. We worked together, and she is so beautiful and kind that I might have hated her if not for how messy she was when she worked (Hurricane Autumn) and my tendency to not really hate people. Thus, a friendship was born. And I've been paparazzi-ing her life ever since. This beautiful family keeps growing … [Read more...]