Lies I believed when I became a photographer, Part 2

Lies I believed when I became a photographer, Part 2 by Klocke Photography

Continued from Part 1 -- 4 - Go where the money is. This is probably the worst thing I did. When I began chasing the dollars, I lost my passion for the art. Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely believe you can find something you love AND make money doing it. But when money becomes the priority, when you begin doing work only for the money, the whole game has shifted. I do not want to work in the … [Read more...]

Lies I believed when I became a photographer, Part 1

Lies I believed when I became a photographer, Part 1

As I returned from vacation recently, I knew I was feeling less than excited about my photography business. I had hoped the time away would bring me back to my work feeling refreshed, but the truth is, all I felt was dread. I had been thinking a lot about what others who have gone before me have advised, how their words were spoken as if one size fits all. It’s not that advice isn’t good or valid, … [Read more...]

You can Photoshop that, right?

Before and After

From my Frequently Asked Questions page -- Question: What kind of processing goes into your photos? Do you remove blemishes, braces, or what? Answer: I do remove blemishes but I don’t remove anything that is natural to a person. I also do not remove braces. In my way of thinking, having braces is part of who a person is at this time. A mole is part of a person. A blemish is here today and … [Read more...]

Sound logic

Sound logic by Angela Giles Klocke

When I’m on sessions with children, we usually end up in play at some point. That is, it’s sort of expected and sometimes kind of demanded. Relationships with kids require trust, and part of building trust is giving back to them when you have asked much of them. In my case, asking children to participate in the making of beautiful and fun photos is a big ask. I’m requesting their patience, their … [Read more...]

The other uses for reflectors


Photographers use reflectors to, well, reflect light. But often, they can double as resting spots for toddlers. Or as a backdrop -- totally the child's idea. And not to be forgotten, the reflector cover can be used as a blanket! In a child's world, imagination reigns, and I love when I get to be there to capture it. *The photographer in these shots is Micaela of Reminder … [Read more...]