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You can Photoshop that, right?

From my Frequently Asked Questions page – Question: What kind of processing goes into your photos? Do you remove blemishes, braces, or what? Answer: I do remove blemishes but I don’t remove anything that is natural to a person. I also do not remove braces. In my way of thinking, having braces is part of…

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Sound logic

When I’m on sessions with children, we usually end up in play at some point. That is, it’s sort of expected and sometimes kind of demanded. Relationships with kids require trust, and part of building trust is giving back to them when you have asked much of them. In my case, asking children to participate…

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The other uses for reflectors

Photographers use reflectors to, well, reflect light. But often, they can double as resting spots for toddlers. Or as a backdrop — totally the child’s idea. And not to be forgotten, the reflector cover can be used as a blanket! In a child’s world, imagination reigns, and I love when I get to be there…

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P.E.P. Photographers Encouraging Photographers Take 2, Part 2

You’ve seen the behind-the-scene shots from the last two posts on P.E.P., so now I wanted to share some of my personal final images from when we model for each other, as well as with our regular model, my daughter. Finally, I didn’t take this one. My daughter, who isn’t technically a photographer, did. I…

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P.E.P. Photographers Encouraging Photographers Take 2, Part 1*

If there’s one thing that I love — besides all the other things that I love — it’s hanging out with other photographers. Artists in general have a reputation for being weird or odd or quirky, and I personally love that reputation. In fact, I embrace it. And I think all the photographers in our…

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If you give a man a reflector, he will reflect

{Colorado Rock the Dress Photography} September 2012 – Klocke Photography and Kelsey Ann Photography as Studio K2 … because funny pictures should be seen! We had a blast with our friends Eric and Heidi Elzas this weekend. Many moons ago, they won one of our Open House prizes — a free photo shoot! So, while…

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