This Week’s Sneak Peeks: The Girls

This Week's Sneak Peeks: The Girls by Klocke Photography

We are way past due on getting this year's Grow Into the Dress session done, but thankfully, six-year-olds don't change as rapidly as babies. This quick session took place in their very own backyard. Quick, easy, and then onward to playing! Stay tuned for their full mini session, coming soon! … [Read more...]

Aliza Grows Into the Dress, Year 1

Aliza Grows Into the Dress, Year 1 by Klocke Photography

So, we started a new series. New baby girl, new Grow Into the Dress photo series, right!? And yes, this is how far behind I am… Grace to me! We learned from Aurora that a bigger dress was necessary for Aliza. At the rate Aurora is growing, we’re going to have to add to it before her series ends. Gracious. At any rate, Mom found this one for Aliza and it’s just gorgeous…like Aliza! As you … [Read more...]

Sophia is One

klocke photography - sophia

Our sweet, sweet girl was not feeling so sweet at her one-year session. Dratted illness had her in its fist, so we had one of the shortest sessions ever. However, when you're this cute, it's really not hard to get some great shots regardless. She is now a year-and-a-half and so big and smart. I can't believe she was once so very tiny! … [Read more...]

Grow Into the Dress: Year 5, etc. | Sibling Photography

Grow Into the Dress: Year 5

Now that there’s a little sister and some age, our photo sessions together are changing. Baby girl is now included and we try to get some shots as much as possible as they grow together, but the moods are different. There’s the sharing of the spotlight now, which takes adjustment, but there’s also maturity and certain looks, and it’s all very fun for me to watch from this side of the camera. Rora … [Read more...]

Malone Maternity | Woodland Park, CO

Malone Maternity by Klocke Photography

The beauty in the following session is my daughter-in-love’s sister. We are not technically family, but we are family all the same. I think we’re all agreed that we can break the so-called family rules if we want to. So, we made plans months and months ago to have a maternity session, and once we finally had it all mapped out and set, we were thrown a bit off-course when we arrived at our … [Read more...]