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Malone Newborn | Woodland Park, CO

This baby girl is soooooo gorgeous and tiny! You’d think it wouldn’t have taken me so long to share her with you, but alas, life is busier than ever. Finding time to sit and blog sessions is almost impossible. But here we are, finally! It’s just too bad she lives in a home without any…

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Malone Maternity | Woodland Park, CO

The beauty in the following session is my daughter-in-love’s sister. We are not technically family, but we are family all the same. I think we’re all agreed that we can break the so-called family rules if we want to. So, we made plans months and months ago to have a maternity session, and once we…

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Sound logic

When I’m on sessions with children, we usually end up in play at some point. That is, it’s sort of expected and sometimes kind of demanded. Relationships with kids require trust, and part of building trust is giving back to them when you have asked much of them. In my case, asking children to participate…

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The Gates Family

Last year, I held a “Share the Love” session giveaway. Stephanie entered and was one of the winners! When she entered, she told me that she had guest-blogged at, where I blog with a host of other beautiful women, and that she had been reading my personal blog for a while. I was drawn…

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Welcome to the world, Aliza!

{Maternity Pictures Here!} Three short/long months ago, I had the honor of documenting the birth of my best friend’s second beautiful daughter. (But, uh, you won’t be seeing any of those pictures here.) And then the holidays and a ton of life happened, so as we get ready to do three-month pictures, I’m finally getting…

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The Martin Family

Let’s see, how long have I known Kira…let us count the years. Well, I’d count the years, but that would require remembering and counting, both of which I’m not always great at. Suffice it to say, it’s been something like forever and a day, way before I ever even thought about moving to Colorado. Looooong…

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E x p l o r e   M o r e