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Spencer and Leigh Are Getting Married! by Klocke Photography

Spencer and Leigh Are Getting Married!

To answer the first question: no, no we did not get stuck in the snow. Why do you ask? Moving right along… Living inView full post »

Rex and Katie are getting married!

I really feel like this session took a long time to get to. That is, connections were made quite some time ago, andView full post »

Paul and Corrie Are Getting Married! by Klocke Photography

Paul and Corrie Are Getting Married!

When I asked Paul and Corrie to describe their relationship and what kind of pictures they hoped for with theirView full post »

Scott and Kara Are Getting Married! {Colorado Engagement Photography}

Some many months ago, I shared some pictures that were NOT engagement pictures. At the time, they were actually engagedView full post »

My son is engaged, which isn’t a big deal or anything

Sneak Peek! Also see: These are not engagement pictures. However…View full post »

Cody & Becky, My View {Colorado Engagement Photography}

These two…so much fun! “I’ve always thought that a big laugh is a really loud noise from the soul saying,View full post »

Ayanna Said YES! – Colorado Springs Engagement Photography

So, I get this email asking if I can photograph this young man proposing to his girlfriend for his 21st birthday.View full post »

Happy Wedding Day, Shayne and Megan!

I wish you both a beautiful day and life together. “For you see, each day I love you more Today more thanView full post »

Shayne and Megan Are Getting Married – Colorado Engagement Photography

The day I received an email from Shayne about a surprise engagement photo shoot, I was out and about, away from myView full post »

If the guys were in charge… – Colorado Engagement Photography

There’s a very good reason why I’m in charge of my photo shoots. I mean, sure, I take suggestions and I doView full post »

Jonathan and Christina – Colorado Springs Engagement Photography

Honestly, I am so blessed when it comes to couples. Jonathan and Christina found me on the Internet and liked what theyView full post »

Eric and Heidi – Colorado Engagement Photography

This is a photo shoot that took eleventy-katrillion years to get to. That is, we had to reschedule over and overView full post »

Wade and Kelsey in Love – Part I – Colorado Engagement Photography

Wade and Kelsey are super talented, awesome friends of mine. They’ve been together beyond forever. (WhenView full post »

James and Chrissy, Part 1 – Colorado Engagement Photographer

This is Part 1 because we didn’t get to finish all our ideas. This is Part 1 because it was FREEZING and weView full post »

Rachelle and Josh, Sittin’ in a Tree

K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Rachelle and I used to work together. She’s one of my girls. I love her so so so much! And what aView full post »

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