Cicily Janus, Author & Retreat Founder – Colorado Photography

The very talented, hilarious, and gorgeous Cicily Janus (you've seen her here before) contacted me for author and PR photos, and I have to admit, there was some slight jumping for joy (me). I love working with repeat clients. Of course, Cicily is more than a client, as we met before I ever photographed her (I'll save that story for another day), but same thing. We met up and were immediately blown … [Read more...]

Abby E. Murray, Poet – Colorado Springs Photography

…and her husband, Tom! True story: When Abby contacted me to ask about shooting author photos for her second chapbook, I squealed a little. You see, when I met her back in 2010, I told a friend that I would LOVE to photograph Abby. I have a dream list of people I'd like to photograph, and it grows almost daily. Abby was on that list, and now…ah…here she is! Colorado is a fickle state, for sure, … [Read more...]

Kari Wolfe, Writer – Colorado Springs Photography

Chances are, most writers would prefer shots like these - But this is 2011 and we can't get away with that. So we have to show our faces. And what a great face Kari has! Take a moment today and visit Kari online at: Imperfect Clarity … [Read more...]