James and Chrissy … because LOVE!

James and Chrissy ... because LOVE! by Klocke Photography

Let’s get this part out of the way first: I don’t even LIKE these people. But ugh, they just keep ending up in front of my camera. It’s just wrong that I must suffer like this, what with all the laughing and comfort and Chrissy’s ability to completely pose herself. It’s after sessions like this that I just dream of quitting and moving on to something much more exciting, like accounting or testing … [Read more...]

Scott and Kara Rock the Dress (and Suit!)


So, let’s just get this part out of the way: these are two of the most wonderful people ever. Truth. And I say that as a totally unbiased mother. Oh sure, I made one of them from scratch, and I gave him the good sense that led to him choosing this beautiful girl (of course I take all the credit!), but they really are amazing. Kind, funny, smart, beautiful, and all full of wonderful … [Read more...]

Joe and Ellen Celebrate 5 Years | Colorado Love Photography


When Ellen first contacted me, we were having some pretty interesting phone issues up here in the mountains due to weather. So I was thrilled when she followed up with an email so we could chat about her interest. I was particularly thrilled to hear from her because, though I adore "word of mouth" and "a friend of" clients, when someone just stumbles onto my work and loves it enough to want to … [Read more...]

Moments that are forever captured for my amusement – Colorado Rock the Dress Photography

Sometimes moments go from this - - to this so quickly, I have no idea how I keep shooting… … [Read more...]

David and Laura – Colorado Love Photography

Do you remember David and Laura? If not, go ahead and get to know them HERE, HERE and HERE. I'll wait... OK, are you back? Awesome! I love love love working with these two. They are not only gorgeous and photogenic as all get out, but they are super fun and funny! We laugh so much more than we actually shoot. In between almost every seriously romantic shot, one or all of us cracks up. David will … [Read more...]