The Strong Family Celebrates

{You first met the Strong Family HERE!} Kristen contacted me out of the blue a few months ago to let me know her husband David was retiring from the Air Force and they wanted a few pictures of him in uniform and some family photos to display at the party. Could we get it done? You bet we could! There was a wee bit of silliness all throughout our quick session, but also some very … [Read more...]

The Jones Family – Colorado Family Photography


This is yet another wonderful military family. Dad serves our country and was just a few days away from shipping out on his second tour of duty. So this was another one of those "can you fit us in?" kind of shoots, and honestly, I will always try to. Family is so important to me, and I definitely want to help families make some memories they can actually look back on during the long time … [Read more...]

The “Saddest Hula Hooper Ever”

…brought to you by the color purple. (The actual color, not the book or movie.) At this event, this oh-so-cute-but-tired-one went along with the hula hoop entertainment offered and I followed her. She started out quite content- -until the Entertainment Soldier said, "Now let's let others have a turn." Oh. Oh my. Ummm…yeah. Lady Bug was not pleased. The tears began immediately. But even though … [Read more...]