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Looking back on January

A few things I learned – Fail once, try again. Fail twice, try again. Try try try again! Keep asking. I really CAN doView full post »

“Your camera takes really nice pictures!”

So, one thing photographers love to hear is how nice our cameras are at taking pictures. OK, that’s not true.View full post »

Looking back on December

A few things I learned – I’m worth not being treated badly. My oldest son’s job is wildly interesting. (View full post »

Why, hello there, 2014!

Who’s a pretty, pretty year? You are! Yes, I’m a tad bit excited about this new year. Can you tell? HOWView full post »

Angel in the Sky

Looking back on November

A few things I learned – Sometimes you will have to tell a friend no, and then that friendship might end, and you justView full post »

Scott and Kara Are Getting Married! {Colorado Engagement Photography}

Some many months ago, I shared some pictures that were NOT engagement pictures. At the time, they were actually engagedView full post »

Looking back on October

A few things I learned – I can push myself in healthy ways. During this last month, I walked and ran a lot. I pushedView full post »

Human Trafficking Awareness

If you know me, you likely know that my passions lie in helping others. I am an advocate for victims, a mentor for teenView full post »

When the world is heavy

A quick trip into the grocery store for one item turns into over an hour of listening and advising two friends who wantView full post »

Looking back on September

A few things I learned – If you set a goal and then fall behind, you don’t have to just quit and start overView full post »

My son is engaged, which isn’t a big deal or anything

Sneak Peek! Also see: These are not engagement pictures. However…View full post »

Looking back on August

{Taking my cue from Kristen at Chasing Blue Skies.} During the month of August, I challenged myself to participate inView full post »

Batman & The Princess

Fifteen-plus years ago, I met my best friend, my future husband. We married and then soon found ourselves caught up inView full post »

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