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Tiny Baby Ethan | Woodland Park, CO Newborn Photography

At the time, way back in the day (3+ months ago), Ethan was super big. To us. He was born a good healthy weight, and he ate like a champ. However, now that time has passed, it seems like he was the tiniest baby ever! I mean, seriously, Newborn Ethan compared to Three-Month-Old Ethan is…

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Wordless-ish Wednesday: Human Trafficking Awareness

*In honor of my first writing credit in a very long time being in this week’s local newspaper, The Pikes Peak Courier, here are some related photos that I took last year for the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado 6th Annual Symposium.

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“Your camera takes really nice pictures!”

So, one thing photographers love to hear is how nice our cameras are at taking pictures. OK, that’s not true. Actually, we all twitch about just a little when we hear those words, because the implication is that our talents lie in what the camera is doing (even if you don’t mean it that way,…

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