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Eric & Heidi, My View | Colorado Rock the Dress Photography

Almost nothing excites me more than photographing people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past. And if you’ve been around these here parts any amount of time, you will recognize Eric and Heidi from a couple of different sessions, like when they got engaged and then had that big wedding dealy-o. So,…

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Jonathan & Christina, My View | Colorado Rock the Dress Photography

Mr. and Mrs. Currin had an amazing wedding location. Problem was, it rained. And the rain prevented us from all the ideas we had planned for them. So we all decided to head back for one more go. And with the big day behind them and no guests waiting for them to finish pictures this…

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Autumn Rocks the Dress (And Jake was there too) – Colorado Love Photography

This is a session that was a long time coming. Autumn and I talked about taking her dress out for a spin ever since, oh, I don’t know, right after her wedding A YEAR AGO! I’m not going to lie: I was quite anxious for this to happen, and more than anything (especially after turning…

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