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The Martin Family

Let’s see, how long have I known Kira…let us count the years. Well, I’d count the years, but that would require remembering and counting, both of which I’m not always great at. Suffice it to say, it’s been something like forever and a day, way before I ever even thought about moving to Colorado. Looooong…

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The Feltons | Colorado Springs Family Photography

Meet the Feltons. They are friends of David and Laura. They are word-of-mouth clients, which I LOVE! I was super excited to hear from them about photos because we had tried last year, but some personal health issues rained on that happy parade of an idea. Still, what is to be will often be, regardless,…

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Kyle, Class of 2013 | Colorado Senior Photography

Kyle was another one of those guys who didn’t particularly care to get photos taken. As such, and with a mix of scheduling issues and confusions, we ended up doing a very fast session one afternoon shortly before the yearbook deadline. It was cold and I was ill, but we made it work! These ended…

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Austin, Class of 2013 | Colorado Senior Photography

Austin is one of those kind of guys who put you at ease the moment you meet him. He’s also one of those kind of guys who wasn’t too interested in pictures, but if he HAD to do it (Mom said!), he wanted pictures of himself with his car. So that’s how we started. But…

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Brandy, Class of 2013 | Colorado Senior Photography

When Brandy came to me and talked about wanting to have her senior pictures done in a junkyard, I felt the creative muse inside me do a little dance. It’s always good to be able to mix things up a little and try something new. My very intellectual first thought was: Beautiful girl around junky…

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Riley, Class of 2013 | Colorado Senior Photography

My very favorite way of meeting new clients is when another client or friend shared my work with them. That’s how Riley and his mom came to me, and I was so excited to meet them. I was then especially excited to work with Riley when I saw his hair and eyes. People, I love…

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