WPHS Prom 2013

{Part 1} This past May, both of my teens went to prom. If you think it's a whammy when one goes, it's double that with two. Seeing them all dressed up was pure happiness for this mama. Of course, siblings wouldn't be siblings if they didn't goof around! Ah, me and my babies. {Thank you to our friend Tanya for taking this shot of us.} "While we try to teach our children all about … [Read more...]

Just Testing

If you know anything about me - or you've been on a shoot with me - you know that I'm not in love with artificial lighting. I dare say I sorta kinda maybe hate it. I definitely whine about it enough. But sometimes…sometimes I have to use it or shoot in it. Like in really dark reception halls where they continue to turn the lights lower and lower and I try not to assume they're just messing with … [Read more...]

I like jumping!

Well, I like to get people to jump FOR me, for pictures. It hurts too much when *I* jump. Anyway... TRUE STORY: If we go on a photo shoot, I might ask you to jump. And you become my most prettyful favorite if you make the suggestion to jump. Have you joined me on Facebook yet? … [Read more...]

The day of the perfect sunset

I've spoken enough about the outtakes and the behind-the-scenes shots already, so I'll just let these pictures speak for themselves. (These are two of my children and my daughter's best friend, who is also like my own.) *I will add: This was a mentoring session shoot, wherein we were working with multiple models and lighting. It is my hope to take on at … [Read more...]