Real, live testimonial

This weekend, my Studio K2 partner and I had the honor of being part of the Bridal Gala 2013, hosted at the Embassy Suites in Colorado Springs. We had an amazing time, but one of the best moments came when Mr. and Mrs. Stapleford stopped by for no other reason than to simply show their support. They have been two of my biggest cheerleaders since day one of me deciding to head into the wedding … [Read more...]

Another weekend, another meeting with a beautiful bride-to-be

Alternate Title: Squeeeeeeee! I love Chrissy for so many reasons. Let me count the ways: 1 - Chrissy is beautiful. 2 - Chrissy is fun AND funny. 3 - Chrissy likes it when I point the camera at her. I was testing the lighting - ya gotta love someone who strikes a pose 4 - You know how sometimes something comes to mind that you almost blurt out but then you don't because you're afraid the person … [Read more...]