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Little Man D

This was one of those sessions that basically consisted of me chasing the little guy, hoping for the best. I often findView full post »

To be three… Part III – Colorado Child Photography

Whoa there, pony! Did you already see Part I and Part II? Of all the photo shoots I’ve done over the years, noView full post »

To be three… Part II – Colorado Child Photography

Ah, here’s a familiar face – the always delightful Aurora! Here we are now, at age three. What the what? HowView full post »

When you’re two, you’ve got things to do! – Colorado Toddler Photography

After writing the title for this post, I went back in time to seek out one of the shots from the past that I wanted toView full post »

The “Saddest Hula Hooper Ever”

…brought to you by the color purple. (The actual color, not the book or movie.) At this event, this oh-so-cute-but-View full post »

A Masterpiece – Family Photographer – CO Springs

I have had occasion to be around the Thomas Family several times. Shae and I met at school in the office I worked in (View full post »

Pride of Lyons – Part 2

If you missed Part 1, skedaddle on back and see it first! Sometimes my favorites from a session are the outtakes. I loveView full post »

Pride of Lyons – Part 1

Background: Lora and I met online several years ago. Before I moved to Colorado, we made sure to meet in person. AndView full post »

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