Ethan is One | Woodland Park, CO Photography

Ethan is One | Woodland Park, CO Klocke Photography

Let’s talk about what it’s like to be one. One often means walking, playing, sudden mood changes, and an overall inability to tolerate sitting still. That’s our Ethan to a T! Nine times out of ten, parents have to gently hold their toddling toddlers in place for HOPEFULLY that one good family shot. … [Read more...]

Little Lady…err…Big Girl S | Teller County, CO Photography

Little Lady…err…Big Girl S | Teller County, CO Photography

So, here we are - this Little Lady is a Big Lady now. When you’re two, you don’t REALLY want to pose for pictures. You want to PLAY! I called this session her “Pose & Play” time. Working with toddlers requires a different kind of patience. The kind that means lots of laughing and being silly but also being READY to shoot at a moment’s notice. You can’t hide behind the camera the whole time because … [Read more...]

Malone Newborn | Woodland Park, CO

Malone Newborn

This baby girl is soooooo gorgeous and tiny! You'd think it wouldn't have taken me so long to share her with you, but alas, life is busier than ever. Finding time to sit and blog sessions is almost impossible. But here we are, finally! It’s just too bad she lives in a home without any love at all. No one to cuddle her. Or give her sweet kisses. It’s terribly sad. I visited Little … [Read more...]