Megan, Class of 2013 | Colorado Senior Photography

All right, folks, let’s just get this part out of the way. No, no I did not Photoshop this gorgeous girl’s eyes. They are naturally this beautiful and blue and bright. She is amazingly wonderful inside and out. So, now we can move on.

Megan is a fellow photographer and this session was part senior pictures (she can’t very well take her own pictures, right? Well, she could, I suppose, but there’s no fun in that!), part hang out with another photographer and laugh our heads off. I think we accomplished both goals quite well.

Anyway, she balances her senior year with her growing business, along with her many other talents (I’m not jealous or anything, why do you mention it?), and she is super funny, warm, and gorgeous (in case I failed to mention that already). She also has a killer smile and an awesome laugh.


We spent the better part of the usual warming up time just talking about light and posing and the fisherman we hoped wouldn’t be perturbed that we were obnoxious while he was fishing in his nice once upon a time serene spot —


He wasn’t, by the way. In fact, he was quite nice and took some time to chat with me. I love that!

The thing about going out with another photographer is they will play along with almost any idea you have. Stop and smell the flowers? OK! Get in the water? OK! Get IN in the water? OK!


Sit on this here bank and pose? OK…wait…no, spiders! Two shots and that girl was out of there!


After changing out of her wet clothes, we went exploring a little more and she landed on scene looking…say it with me…gorgeous!

mlundsford-59 (1)

And finally, a couple of headshots for her own photography business –


Oh, and one more, because a photographer has to do what a photographer has to do!


Megan, I’m so so so happy we met and are friends. You are going places, girl. (Lemons!)