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One of my favorite things is reflecting on how a friendship found its way into my life. For Jessica, I met her through another friend, and then one day I invited her along on a photo shoot (she’s a photographer, you see), and then we talked a tad more and then a tad more. Next thing you know, she’s one of our two fabulous photographers for my son’s wedding, and then there I am, taking her maternity (and then newborn) pictures. I love that we have been present for some of the most important events in each other’s lives, and that we can both agree that it is better to enjoy photography together than to treat each other like competition.

Our attempt at this session went the way of many summer maternity sessions — canceled on account of rain. We actually almost canceled on this day too, because, well, rain, but we decided to go for it, and if nothing else, we’d at least be able to say hi and “see ya next time.” But the weather played nice, and I got to witness two beautiful people in love and excited about their baby. And oh, if you have never watched how Ben looks at Jessica, you are missing something very important in life. Seriously.

Naples Maternity
Naples Maternity
Naples Maternity
Naples Maternity
Naples Maternity
Naples Maternity
Naples Maternity
Naples Maternity

Jessica was absolutely glowing and gorgeous, and every beauty needs a crown of sunflowers —

Naples Maternity

What we thought would be a sweet wish-upon-a-dandelion photo ended up being a series of hilarious moments, many of which I was able to capture without laughing too hard —

Naples Maternity
Naples Maternity

And y’all, that look. I think they like each other a little. Just a tad. A smidgen.

Naples Maternity

Coming up next? Their beautiful baby boy — an at-home newborn lifestyle session just days after their gorgeous little man arrived.

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Attention: Class of 2015

Class of 2015

It’s time to get those senior portraits! And if you love the look of fall, now is the time to get booked into my calendar. Fall availability fills up quickly, and the changing leaves don’t stick around for long. Book your September or October session now and regardless of which package you choose, receive your choice of a bonus 8×10, 2-5x7s, or 2 sheets (16 total) of wallets to share!


See complete details here: BOOK YOUR SESSION!

Class of 2015

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Grow Into the Dress: Year 5, etc. | Sibling Photography

Now that there’s a little sister and some age, our photo sessions together are changing. Baby girl is now included and we try to get some shots as much as possible as they grow together, but the moods are different. There’s the sharing of the spotlight now, which takes adjustment, but there’s also maturity and certain looks, and it’s all very fun for me to watch from this side of the camera. Rora was once our tiny wee one, and now she’s a big girl, and I think I speak for both her parents when I say SLOW DOWN!

But no, kids do not listen to these demands. I mean, Baby Aliza was just a newborn, and now look —


She’s practically as big as her sister!


By the way, sometimes I need a little help to get the attention of wee ones. Be prepared to practically sit on my back if that’s what it takes to get a baby (or toddler…or husband) to look into the camera. I love how Aurora looks like she’s thinking, “Kids. It just takes so much, amiright?” Because we never had to work hard to get her attention


These faces? I adore them all!


Not to be left out, this sweetheart had plenty of smiles and love to share —


Little Miss Aliza was hamming it up when it came to tummy time. Ah, to be 6 months old without a care in the world…except food. Because she soon after wanted food. And sleep. (We were trying to recreate a shot that Aurora had done at this same age. Got pretty close!)


So, onto the dress, the growing into it. Yeah, we are definitely not going to make it all the way to 18 in THIS dress.


About that sass and personality — gracious, I tell ya!


So, as Aurora went for a wardrobe change, I spent a little more time with Aliza. Now, I don’t normally do “photo studio” type photos, but she was squirmy and we really wanted to be able to remember what her face looked like, not just flailing arms and legs, so we made up a spot and shot as quickly as she would allow.


Finally, every new big sister needs some time alone and the focus on her, so Aurora and I spent some time exploring and playing with her butterfly balloon and just talking. And then we played in the car and finally…I had to leave.


I wuv these girls!


And I’m trying to get them started off right! (I realize these pictures freak people out. I care about my gear, I do, but I also know it’s safe and sound. And with Rora holding it, I know she’s got it, even if the camera is almost as big as she is.)


Before you go, look at the shots Rora got of me!


We’re heading out again very soon for family pictures. Sneak peeks will be posted on the Facebook page.

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