Grow Into the Dress: Year 5, etc. | Sibling Photography

Now that there’s a little sister and some age, our photo sessions together are changing. Baby girl is now included and we try to get some shots as much as possible as they grow together, but the moods are different. There’s the sharing of the spotlight now, which takes adjustment, but there’s also maturity and certain looks, and it’s all very fun for me to watch from this side of the camera. Rora was once our tiny wee one, and now she’s a big girl, and I think I speak for both her parents when I say SLOW DOWN!

But no, kids do not listen to these demands. I mean, Baby Aliza was just a newborn, and now look —


She’s practically as big as her sister!


By the way, sometimes I need a little help to get the attention of wee ones. Be prepared to practically sit on my back if that’s what it takes to get a baby (or toddler…or husband) to look into the camera. I love how Aurora looks like she’s thinking, “Kids. It just takes so much, amiright?” Because we never had to work hard to get her attention


These faces? I adore them all!


Not to be left out, this sweetheart had plenty of smiles and love to share —


Little Miss Aliza was hamming it up when it came to tummy time. Ah, to be 6 months old without a care in the world…except food. Because she soon after wanted food. And sleep. (We were trying to recreate a shot that Aurora had done at this same age. Got pretty close!)


So, onto the dress, the growing into it. Yeah, we are definitely not going to make it all the way to 18 in THIS dress.


About that sass and personality — gracious, I tell ya!


So, as Aurora went for a wardrobe change, I spent a little more time with Aliza. Now, I don’t normally do “photo studio” type photos, but she was squirmy and we really wanted to be able to remember what her face looked like, not just flailing arms and legs, so we made up a spot and shot as quickly as she would allow.


Finally, every new big sister needs some time alone and the focus on her, so Aurora and I spent some time exploring and playing with her butterfly balloon and just talking. And then we played in the car and finally…I had to leave.


I wuv these girls!


And I’m trying to get them started off right! (I realize these pictures freak people out. I care about my gear, I do, but I also know it’s safe and sound. And with Rora holding it, I know she’s got it, even if the camera is almost as big as she is.)


Before you go, look at the shots Rora got of me!


We’re heading out again very soon for family pictures. Sneak peeks will be posted on the Facebook page.

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Tiny Baby Ethan | Woodland Park, CO Newborn Photography

At the time, way back in the day (3+ months ago), Ethan was super big. To us. He was born a good healthy weight, and he ate like a champ. However, now that time has passed, it seems like he was the tiniest baby ever! I mean, seriously, Newborn Ethan compared to Three-Month-Old Ethan is baffling. Anyway, his parents and I can look at these and remember those early days of being brand new — new world for Ethan, new parents, new grandma…it’s crazy!

Such a beautiful little family…

baby ethan
baby ethan
baby ethan

Y’all, this is just mere days after becoming a mom. She is absolutely glowing and gorgeous! I think motherhood suits her well, don’t you agree?

baby ethan

Every little precious part needs to be captured, because babies just grow too quickly. So, yes, knees!

baby ethan

His sleepy face. And the hair! (And just to tease you, wait until you see the hair 3 months later!)

baby ethan
baby ethan

Tiny little fingers in Daddy’s hand —

baby ethan

Sometimes Baby needs a good stretch!

baby ethan

And a good snuggle —

baby ethan

Let us just gaze upon his gorgeousness, shall we?

baby ethan
baby ethan
baby ethan
baby ethan
baby ethan

Auntie and Uncle arrived as we were finishing up. Had to get some cuddles in, too!

baby ethan

Let me just say for the millionth time: watching my son with his son is one of the most beautiful things ever. It is very surreal, and it makes my heart skip a beat every single time.

baby ethan

We are so incredibly blessed. The 2014 year will go down in history as one of my favorite years ever.

By the way, even though this is my grandson, no matter whose home I visit for a newborn session, you as the parents are allowed to sit back and relax a little. I know you’re not getting much sleep. I have 24 years of experience as a mother, plus lots of baby handling experience, so if you want to sit off to the side and close your eyes for a bit, you are perfectly welcome to. They say sleep when Baby sleeps, right?

baby ethan

This is the one about my grandson » Angela Giles Klocke » Southern Colorado Freelance Writer and Photographer - […] MORE PICTURES HERE — AND MORE PICTURES SOON! *Pictures that include me were taken by Tanya Mello […]

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Brian and Tanya | Woodland Park, CO Maternity

Seeing as how it has been well over 3 months since my grandson arrived, I figured I should find a moment to share some of the maternity pictures of his beautiful mommy and handsome daddy.


You see? What a beautiful couple, right? Together, they made a beautiful baby. Obviously! Aren’t they so sweet!?


Tanya is simply gorgeous. She wore pregnancy well, all glowy and happy with the perfect little round belly.


And it’s all about the belly and the love, baby!


So much love and beauty, so much anticipation!


I love featuring Baby’s future shoes in sessions. It’s even more amazing how tiny the shoes seem until you actually see Baby’s feet.


OK, seriously? This last one with my son (right) just blows me away. More often than not, I can look at him and still see my tiny baby boy. But this shot, this look, well, I cannot deny the gorgeous man he has grown into. My confusion is great — how DID we get here? I’m betting Tanya’s mom is wondering the same thing…such beauty!




We have truly been blessed in our family, and I am so thankful to get to share our love with all of you.


Up next, our little man’s first pictures. He is the most beautiful little guy this century (you see how a mother plays it safe here?), and I can’t wait to share more with you.


Note: Before we arrived at the session, I asked my daughter to take some shots of me in action. I said, “But don’t stand directly behind me and photograph the back of my head, because it won’t show what I’m doing.” She looked at me, raised an eyebrow, and then said with a wee hint of sarcasm, “Oh really? I had no idea I shouldn’t take a picture of the back of your head. I’m ONLY a photographer’s daughter!” So, for fun, she took a picture of the back of my head. That girl…

behindthescenesAll of us

Liz Clayton - <3

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