Celebrating 6 Months With Baby Girl S

{You met these two gorgeous ladies HERE!}

Watching babies grow is one of my favorite things. But watching mommies grow is even more exciting. With these two, I get the pleasure of doing both, both in person and from behind the camera. A true blessing in my life is working with moms and babies, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

On this day, Baby Girl’s 6-month birthday, when they were walking toward me, she was all smiles and wide eyes. Then, when we attempted pictures, she gave me eyebrows. She is so expressive, it makes me belly laugh. See what I mean?


And again here. Her look reads to me, “What IS that thing? Where did your face go?!”


And then, happy girl again. I can only tell you that I might have been making the weirdest high-pitch noises I could make, causing dogs from miles away to howl in pain. But look, she smiles!


From eyebrows…


…to pure delight!


Full Disclosure: She is OBVIOUSLY not looking at me in the photo above or below. The light of her life is standing behind me. That joy is pure love, and it melts my heart. Also, I love this picture because of the drool. I love drool. My own baby girl (who isn’t a baby anymore!) was a big drooler, and I love looking back on those photos.


This here is one gorgeous mama! The way these two interact is a thing of beauty, and it’s been my privilege to watch her parent her daughter. You can tell how much love exists between them, and how much confidence she is building in her baby girl. My heart…


Baby Girl wasn’t having the best time of her life, but it wasn’t the worst, despite her attempts to make it appear so. I just love Mama’s look here (right) — “Babies. Whatcha gonna do?”


But see? She’s just pulling your leg. She LOVES having her picture taken!


Such a big girl. Where HAS the time gone?


If you blink, we’ll be back here again around her first birthday. BUT PLEASE DON’T BLINK!

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Why, hello there, 2014!

http://klockephotography.com/Who’s a pretty, pretty year? You are!

Yes, I’m a tad bit excited about this new year. Can you tell? HOW ABOUT NOW???

I’m kicking off this year with lots of energy, goodness, blessings, prayer, and a boatload of HAPPY. I’m excited and I can just feel the possibilities in the air. So, let’s talk about things!

What’s Changed?

Ta-da … you can see that the whole site has changed! New look, new fun colors, new logo! Big, huge thank you to MuncyWeb for the amazing new logo they came up with for me, and big hugs and gratitude to my little buddy Nic of Photography by Nic Champlin for all the awesome pictures of me that are in various places on this and all my other sites and social media places. I’m so excited about all the new changes!

Visual changes aside, a new pricing model is now in place too! Finish this blog post, and then go browse and read more. And then book a session, of course.

Facebook Changes

The “Love Your Everyday Life” project will continue, but only on a Monday-Friday schedule. In fact, the Facebook page will rarely be updated on weekends.


I am now booking weddings again! If you’re getting married, I’d love to be your photographer. Please contact me and let’s discuss your beautiful love story!


In honor of my business theme, “Love Your Everyday Life,” here are some of the wonderful things that happened in my life in 2013 –

      My eldest graduated from the police academy in April and joined the police department.

      My second son graduated high school in May and started college in August.

      My daughter started her junior year in high school.

      My eldest asked his girlfriend to marry him (and I got to help him choose her ring).

      My husband and I celebrated 15 years of marriage.

      I had the honor of witnessing life being born again when my best friend allowed me to photograph her labor and delivery of her second daughter.

      We got news that we will be grandparents in 2014.

      The realization hit that I’m gaining two daughters, and I couldn’t be happier.

      A bunch of people I love had babies!

      I became a victim advocate.

      I joined an awesome group of ladies after bolding asking if I could be part of their site. {MiddlePlaces.com}

      Later, I applied for a blogging position on the Live-Brave.com site…and I was accepted there, too!

      And I just lived my life in many small but wonderful moments. I hope you did too!

PS: A favor? Or two? One – If you are browsing the site and find anything broken or any errors, please let me know! Two – Tell people about Klocke Photography. Word of mouth is the best marketing, and the best way to help me grow. THANK YOU!

Why not me? | Angela Giles Klocke | Colorado Springs Freelance Writer and Photographer - […] Why, hello there, 2014! A new look for my photography business […]

Lora Lyon - AWESOME! Love the new logo!

Sara Elizabeth - Your website looks AWESOME, my friend. And the new logo does too, if I do say so myself. :-) 2014 is shaping up to be a great year. <3

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The Feltons | Colorado Springs Family Photography

Meet the Feltons. They are friends of David and Laura. They are word-of-mouth clients, which I LOVE! I was super excited to hear from them about photos because we had tried last year, but some personal health issues rained on that happy parade of an idea. Still, what is to be will often be, regardless, and so a year later, we finally met up.

They make a great looking family with quite a beautiful lady in their midst, if I do say so myself (and I do!). We got to work right away, and I just love the end results. More, I love that even though this session took place a few months ago, I can remember conversations based on different photos. I always imagine that if I can remember the jokes, the laughter, the lovely moments, surely the photos mean even more to each person in them.


This was actually a combo session — family and senior pictures — and I think you might agree this particular senior favors a certain Johnny Depp in his younger years. Yes, it’s true — I AM the photographer of the (people who resemble) stars!


Sometimes what can happen in the middle of a session is, the clients might start getting too tense again, so we’ll try to loosen up. “Time to make funny faces!” I said. As you can see, Mom was the only one who was willing to participate. By the end, Dad said, “Oh, you’re serious? We’re making faces?” I’m ALWAYS serious about making faces. So, he jumped in for the fun, while the boys just weren’t into it at all.


Ah, family!


It is always my aim to capture moments with moms and dads, and thankfully there were no objections (there actually often are, due to parents often wanting the attention on either the whole family or just the children, but parents are important, too!).


Our session was originally scheduled for slightly later in the day, but we moved it up for their convenience. Turns out, this was because there was a certain football game coming on and SOMEONE is a huge FSU fan.

I…am not. I grew up a Gators fan, and those teams are rivals. So, I tried sooooo hard to get him to crack up while taking the last of the pictures by telling him how much I loved the Gators. This was as close as I came. Dang, he was making me work for it!


Just so we’re clear, I still don’t like your team!

We had a beautiful time at Fox Run Park with perfect weather and tons of laughs. Thank you, Feltons, for the memories!

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Sisters make the greatest friends | Colorado Child Photography

These dark-eyed beauties (and their beautiful mama!) met up with me for a mini-shoot before the weather here went all crazy. No, that’s not true. It was sort of between crazy weather seasons — from rain to snow. But this day was gorgeous, and these lovely sisters made the day even more beautiful with their sunshine personalities.


The baby seemed a little apprehensive about my big ole camera in her face, and she was also more interested in watching her big sis than in looking at me.


Big sister looooooved flowers. I have many of her posing with them. And frankly, she just makes those flowers look even more beautiful, don’t you think?


Baby girl is just darling, such a sweet girl. You know, just like her sister.


“A sister is a forever friend.” -Author Unknown


Oh, and lest I forget, my treasures from the eldest beauty.


This was one of those quick sessions where you play play play, snap snap snap, and then let the children get on with their day. Keeping it short with small ones often leads to a better outcome overall, and I just loved the time we spent, as well as the end results.

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Joe and Ellen Celebrate 5 Years | Colorado Love Photography

When Ellen first contacted me, we were having some pretty interesting phone issues up here in the mountains due to weather. So I was thrilled when she followed up with an email so we could chat about her interest. I was particularly thrilled to hear from her because, though I adore “word of mouth” and “a friend of” clients, when someone just stumbles onto my work and loves it enough to want to hire me, that is a special kind of joy.

We exchanged emails for a while, working out the details, and then finally, the day arrived and I drove to their beautiful home to photograph their celebration of five years of marriage.

Meet Joe and Ellen –


Gorgeous, right? Additionally, they are super kind, sweet, and funny! We spent a few hours together and they made my job so easy, welcoming me and making me feel comfortable.

Their affection for each other was heartwarming and very newlywed-like. I love working with couples who are obviously so in love with each other.


So, early into the session, I ended up telling Ellen I thought she looked like Claire Danes, who I think is quite beautiful, and then Joe teased her by calling her Claire.

I may or may not have accidentally called her Claire a few times after that. “Claire, can you…err…ELLEN, I mean, ELLEN!”

I blame Joe.


They live in a gorgeous part of Colorado, and we were thrilled to get a warm sunset over the rolling hills that surround them.


You should know that there was quite a bit of laughing in between all these beautiful moments.


Seriously? Love it!


When they came out with their final wardrobe change, I felt like we had stepped into an L.L. Bean advertisement. I’m sorry, but could Ellen BE any more gorgeous? You’re pretty too, Joe.


I fell in love with the way these two looked at each other. So much heart.


Family Portrait! The one on the left didn’t really like me very much. Neither did the one on the right. (The puppies, I mean. I’m pretty sure the humans liked me all right.) They might have fussed at me a bit to get off their lawn. Dogs…whatcha gonna do!


This was one of the most fun sessions I’ve had with a couple, and I am so thankful to have met you both, Joe and Ellen. Keep on looking at each other like that. Please!

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Looking back on November

A few things I learned –

Sometimes you will have to tell a friend no, and then that friendship might end, and you just have to be OK with it and move on.

But speaking of friends, an hour-and-a-half drive is really a very silly reason not to see a friend in way too long.

You never, ever, ever look ridiculous when you play with a child. If you’re holding back, stop it.

When something catches your eye and you want to photograph it, stop and do so. It’s worth the few seconds to have the memory.

Joining in on a challenge and not finishing doesn’t make you a loser. Any time you put down the foundation on a project, it’s a good thing. Wonderful things grow from small seeds, even slowly.

Snapshots of the month –


In November, I wrote the following at MiddlePlaces.com

Did anything amazing, exciting, or beautiful happen for you in November?

Dana Mo Joy Portwood - ooooo – gosh I love this concept.
and the pics
and the lessons

Dottie Leavy Van Deventer - I love reading your writings! And knowledge and ummm you!

Breathing it in | Angela Giles Klocke - […] Looking back on November […]

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Cyber Monday Sale!


Cyber Monday Sale

Upon purchase, you will receive a print gift certificate ready to be given to your loved ones, or we can mail it directly — your choice!

Excludes Combination Sessions (example: family AND senior session at one time), Weddings, and Maternity/Newborn Combo Sessions (you may purchase for maternity OR newborn, but cannot be used in place of the Maternity/Newborn session package). Cannot be used in 2013.

{payment button removed}

Don’t wish to (or can’t) pay online? Contact me for other arrangements!


Choppy Thoughts | Angela Giles Klocke - […] I’m having a Cyber Monday Sale at Klocke Photography! […]

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