This Week’s Sneak Peeks: Newlyweds and a New Baby!

What. A. Weekend. !!! One of the best parts of this job is being with people during the happiest days of their lives. And so this weekend, I got to witness to amazing people join together in marriage, and then two more amazing people celebrate with their firstborn the arrival of their second child – a girl! – who was just a few days old.

Friday and Saturday were devoted to Luke and Dawn for their rehearsal and then wedding ceremony.

At the rehearsal, the lovebirds pretty much just spent time in their own little world —

This Week's Sneak Peeks

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What Am I Worth to YOU? | Getting Personal

What Am I Worth to YOU? | Getting Personal

Price. Investment. Fee. No matter what it’s called, it equals one thing: this is how much money you will pay. I received an email the other day shortly after posting an ad on a free advertising site. The person emailing me was appalled at how much … [Read More...]

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