“Your camera takes really nice pictures!”

So, one thing photographers love to hear is how nice our cameras are at taking pictures.

OK, that’s not true. Actually, we all twitch about just a little when we hear those words, because the implication is that our talents lie in what the camera is doing (even if you don’t mean it that way, that’s how it’s often heard), not us.

Recently, when I was out on a session where I was in front of the camera instead of behind it, I decided to just randomly hit the shutter button, just to see how nice the pictures could be if my camera was in charge. Following are some of the results:


This is the ONLY shot I took where I actually did the work of setting everything, and I had to do it quickly because this look says, “Angela, this your photo shoot*. You’re not supposed to be working!”


Not too long ago, a friend bought a nice SLR camera and within hours called me to complain that something must be wrong with her brand new camera because her photos didn’t look at all like mine. It made me chuckle just a little because the very common misconception is that all one needs to make nice pictures is a more expensive camera.

Not true!

I’ve seen amazing work done with phones, with point-and-shoot cameras, with 35mm film cameras, and on and on. The beauty comes from the artist’s talent and skill in using the tool, the camera.

You wouldn’t approach a painter and tell him how his paint brushes create really nice pictures, because you’d recognize his talent. That’s important to keep in mind with photography — our cameras are our chosen artistic mediums. The camera itself might offer more in terms of technical aspects, but even the most expensive, best camera on the market can’t do anything without the artist.

Make sense?

*Nic took the photos of me that appear throughout the site, such as on the About Me page and otherwise. Thanks again, Nic! Please see: NIC Photography on Facebook.

Tina Champlin - Um…I know from experience most the time I take photos they are blurry….so it must be the camera….not me right???LOL!!!hahahah You are a great photographer and I am so thankful you taught my son how to be one too! Love ya!

Kira Martin - Well, your camera DOES take beautiful pictures. But if it was my camera, it would mysteriously stop working quite so well. Sad, but true.

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Welcome to the world, Aliza!

{Maternity Pictures Here!}

Three short/long months ago, I had the honor of documenting the birth of my best friend’s second beautiful daughter. (But, uh, you won’t be seeing any of those pictures here.) And then the holidays and a ton of life happened, so as we get ready to do three-month pictures, I’m finally getting a moment to share Baby Aliza’s newborn pictures.

First, just a really quick peek back at the day Aliza was born. Such a super sweet sisterly moment. And that’s pretty much all you get from the day she was born.


So, on Aliza’s fourth day in this world, I showed up with my camera and was ready to capture all the beauty that is my best friend and her family. That didn’t exactly go as planned. But then again, nothing with children ever goes exactly as planned.

{Yes, sometimes the session begins before I even enter the house.}


There were selfies to begin with, of course.

Me and the girls

And then it was time to get to it! Let us just admire the beauty…


All these calm moments came in between some not-so-calm moments. It had been a long day already, and when you’re only 4 days old, even the shortest of other events is too much.

The funniest moments for me came from Aurora’s face as she reacted to her sister. From sweet calm to “there she goes again!”


Babies run the show so when they have had enough, they literally scream it.*


Aurora was, understandably, reluctant to pose by her upset sister.


But notice how Baby Girl calmed with Big Sister by her side.


When it was time for me to go, Rora asked me to play with her. I told her that I couldn’t (because honestly? This girl was TIRED!). And she said, “Pleeeeeeeese.” And then I melted into a puddle of goo. So, I stayed and we played and after a few shots, I realized it was time to put the camera down and BE in the moment. She rewarded me with the best belly laughs I’ve ever heard, and all the tired in me was zapped away.


To be able to be there in a child’s earliest days, and in a friend’s most special moments, is one of the greatest gifts of my life. I am beyond blessed by this family and so in love with every moment I get to spend with them.




One last photo. This red-haired awesome lady receiving a good-bye hug is a local doula. Watching her in action — the first time I’ve ever seen a doula (I have wanted to become a doula for the longest time!) — was just so amazing. Sarah of Momma Bird Birth Services is wonderful, and if you’re looking for a kind, compassionate, empowering doula, I highly recommend Sarah.


*I almost always receive a comment or question about pictures I share of babies crying. “Why do you just let the baby cry?” I don’t. I promise, no baby ever suffers for the sake of a photo. That’s one of the reasons a newborn session takes hours. There is lots of baby soothing and cuddling and feeding. If Baby continues to cry after being soothed once we start pictures again, that’s when we call it. I’ve gained a pretty good feel for when it’s time to end a session with a baby (or a baby’s mommy!).

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The Martin Family

Let’s see, how long have I known Kira…let us count the years. Well, I’d count the years, but that would require remembering and counting, both of which I’m not always great at. Suffice it to say, it’s been something like forever and a day, way before I ever even thought about moving to Colorado. Looooong time. You get it, right? We are both writers and we met in an online writing group. That’s where I’ve met most of the strange awesome people I know.

Anyway, so. In the almost 8 years I’ve lived here, I’m managed to visit with Kira a whole sum total of one time. Because life, it’s busy for both of us! You’d think a silly little thing like two hours wouldn’t have kept us away, but alas, you’d be wrong.

So now, here she is with a senior in high school and she was in need of senior photos and she totally thought of me! She’s a pretty smart cookie, if you ask me (and we all say, “Mmmmm…cookies!”).

In Colorado, there’s often a lot of rescheduling due to weather. Our first scheduled date was freakin’-finelli-freezin’, so we moved it, and then it all worked out perfectly. Ish.

Turns out, guess who doesn’t like to have her picture taken. Kira. Nice. Guess who is beautiful anyway. Kira. Yup! So there.


But first — chickens. Because chickens!


Now, you see, when you say, “Hey, let’s loosen up a bit. Go ahead and act like you like each other,” this happens. Notice, if you will, that the four-year-old (my best friend) is the ONLY one who is staying serious. I mean, really. How often does THAT happen?


And there were total outtake moments like this –


But through it all, we did eventually get one good family shot.


I think it’s sad that this family isn’t good looking at all. My job was hard…so so so hard.


And, of course, the main point of the session — the Class of 2014 shots!


There came a point, which shall henceforth be known as “The End,” when Kira said, “Hey, so I know I paid you to drive all the way out here and take pictures, but can we be done now?” Friends these days, amiright?

So, we were done, and then we ditched the kids and left her husband in charge of dinner stuff, and she and I hit the road. For a long walk, that is. Because we? Had mommy stuff to discuss! And now this is where I will push Kira’s blog on you, because if you want to read good writing that almost makes you want to quit writing yourself because you simply can’t compete, you should go to there. Now. Or…in a bit. She is talented and funny and can move you from laughter to tears in a matter of sentences, so be forewarned.

Also, be forewarned that she doesn’t blog often enough to suit my tastes. But having spent a few hours with the Martins, I understand. In the middle of dinner, I leaned across the table and said, “Now, tell me again. Why don’t you have time to blog more?” All around us, there was chatter and laughter, and it was just such a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but also, very busy. I imagine it’s hard to capture all the wonder that is constantly bouncing around.

All in all, such a wonderful day. We should probably do it again soon.

Oh yeah, and one last shot of me and Kira, taken by her awesome son, Max. We’ll both have to look upon this photo often, to remind each other that in at least 5 or so more years, we’ll see each other again.


I truly had the best time, so I thank you for welcoming me, playing with me, and for all the laughs.

Oh, and just so you see how solid my new best-friendship-ness is with the four-year-old, she made me these awesome gifts. Only the best of best friends do that!

(Cubby Jake, an origami dog.)

Cubby Jake

(That tall one is ME. Because I’m tall. Compared to a four-year-old. And yes, the picture is on my fridge. Because it’s awesome!)


In case you missed the 52 times I linked it above, here is Kira’s awesome blog: KiWords. You go now!

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The Strong Family Celebrates

{You first met the Strong Family HERE!}

Kristen contacted me out of the blue a few months ago to let me know her husband David was retiring from the Air Force and they wanted a few pictures of him in uniform and some family photos to display at the party. Could we get it done? You bet we could!

Strong Family
Strong Family
Strong Family

There was a wee bit of silliness all throughout our quick session, but also some very beautiful moments –

Strong Family
Strong Family

Oh, if only Kristen could have at least looked a little proud of her man –

Strong Family

David gave this country 23 years of service! Thank you ALL for your service, Strong Family. I appreciate you.

And, finally, I of course had to get in on a shot with the beautiful Kristen, too! (Photo by her wonderful husband.)

Strong Family

Visit Kristen at Chasing Blue Skies and (in)courage.

Choppy Thoughts from a Choppy Mind | Angela Giles Klocke | Colorado Springs Freelance Writer and Photographer - […] Finally, the Strong Family is blogged at Klocke Photography: The Strong Family Celebrates Air Force Career […]

Kristen Strong - These are just stunning, Angela. You bring our best parts out every time. Love you girl!

Kristen Strong - Also…THANK YOU!!

When You Just Want a Little Beautiful Community :: (in)RL 2014 - […] photographer based out of Woodland Park (who travels to Colorado Springs) and has taken our family’s pictures a couple of times, most recently before my husband’s retirement ceremony from the Air […]

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Looking back on December

A few things I learned –

I’m worth not being treated badly.

My oldest son’s job is wildly interesting. (Not that I didn’t think so, but then I got to see it firsthand!)

Friends are amazing. Why I pushed them away for so many years, I’ll never know.

Christmas is still never about the gifts. It’s about the love, always about the love.

The gender of our 2014 grand-baby — it’s a boy!

A few things I saw –

A woman dropped her cash in the middle of busy Walmart, and a man who passed her picked it up and called to her to give it back.

Our grand-baby bump!

The calendar I worked on with clients throughout the year — all finished!

Snapshots of the month –

Snapshots of December by Klocke PhotographySnapshots of December by Klocke PhotographySnapshots of December by Klocke PhotographySnapshots of December by Klocke PhotographySnapshots of December by Klocke Photography

In December, I wrote the following at MiddlePlaces.com

Did anything amazing, exciting, or beautiful happen for you in December?

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Celebrating 6 Months With Baby Girl S

{You met these two gorgeous ladies HERE!}

Watching babies grow is one of my favorite things. But watching mommies grow is even more exciting. With these two, I get the pleasure of doing both, both in person and from behind the camera. A true blessing in my life is working with moms and babies, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

On this day, Baby Girl’s 6-month birthday, when they were walking toward me, she was all smiles and wide eyes. Then, when we attempted pictures, she gave me eyebrows. She is so expressive, it makes me belly laugh. See what I mean?


And again here. Her look reads to me, “What IS that thing? Where did your face go?!”


And then, happy girl again. I can only tell you that I might have been making the weirdest high-pitch noises I could make, causing dogs from miles away to howl in pain. But look, she smiles!


From eyebrows…


…to pure delight!


Full Disclosure: She is OBVIOUSLY not looking at me in the photo above or below. The light of her life is standing behind me. That joy is pure love, and it melts my heart. Also, I love this picture because of the drool. I love drool. My own baby girl (who isn’t a baby anymore!) was a big drooler, and I love looking back on those photos.


This here is one gorgeous mama! The way these two interact is a thing of beauty, and it’s been my privilege to watch her parent her daughter. You can tell how much love exists between them, and how much confidence she is building in her baby girl. My heart…


Baby Girl wasn’t having the best time of her life, but it wasn’t the worst, despite her attempts to make it appear so. I just love Mama’s look here (right) — “Babies. Whatcha gonna do?”


But see? She’s just pulling your leg. She LOVES having her picture taken!


Such a big girl. Where HAS the time gone?


If you blink, we’ll be back here again around her first birthday. BUT PLEASE DON’T BLINK!

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Why, hello there, 2014!

http://klockephotography.com/Who’s a pretty, pretty year? You are!

Yes, I’m a tad bit excited about this new year. Can you tell? HOW ABOUT NOW???

I’m kicking off this year with lots of energy, goodness, blessings, prayer, and a boatload of HAPPY. I’m excited and I can just feel the possibilities in the air. So, let’s talk about things!

What’s Changed?

Ta-da … you can see that the whole site has changed! New look, new fun colors, new logo! Big, huge thank you to MuncyWeb for the amazing new logo they came up with for me, and big hugs and gratitude to my little buddy Nic of Photography by Nic Champlin for all the awesome pictures of me that are in various places on this and all my other sites and social media places. I’m so excited about all the new changes!

Visual changes aside, a new pricing model is now in place too! Finish this blog post, and then go browse and read more. And then book a session, of course.

Facebook Changes

The “Love Your Everyday Life” project will continue, but only on a Monday-Friday schedule. In fact, the Facebook page will rarely be updated on weekends.


I am now booking weddings again! If you’re getting married, I’d love to be your photographer. Please contact me and let’s discuss your beautiful love story!


In honor of my business theme, “Love Your Everyday Life,” here are some of the wonderful things that happened in my life in 2013 –

      My eldest graduated from the police academy in April and joined the police department.

      My second son graduated high school in May and started college in August.

      My daughter started her junior year in high school.

      My eldest asked his girlfriend to marry him (and I got to help him choose her ring).

      My husband and I celebrated 15 years of marriage.

      I had the honor of witnessing life being born again when my best friend allowed me to photograph her labor and delivery of her second daughter.

      We got news that we will be grandparents in 2014.

      The realization hit that I’m gaining two daughters, and I couldn’t be happier.

      A bunch of people I love had babies!

      I became a victim advocate.

      I joined an awesome group of ladies after bolding asking if I could be part of their site. {MiddlePlaces.com}

      Later, I applied for a blogging position on the Live-Brave.com site…and I was accepted there, too!

      And I just lived my life in many small but wonderful moments. I hope you did too!

PS: A favor? Or two? One – If you are browsing the site and find anything broken or any errors, please let me know! Two – Tell people about Klocke Photography. Word of mouth is the best marketing, and the best way to help me grow. THANK YOU!

Why not me? | Angela Giles Klocke | Colorado Springs Freelance Writer and Photographer - […] Why, hello there, 2014! A new look for my photography business […]

Lora Lyon - AWESOME! Love the new logo!

Sara Elizabeth - Your website looks AWESOME, my friend. And the new logo does too, if I do say so myself. :-) 2014 is shaping up to be a great year. <3

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