Scott and Kara Are Getting Married! {Colorado Engagement Photography}

Some many months ago, I shared some pictures that were NOT engagement pictures. At the time, they were actually engaged but we hadn’t gone out to do official engagement pictures yet. We were going to get to it ANY day! But a series of scheduling issues (he’s a new police officer, so his schedule has been full) led to the whole summer passing into fall, and when we finally had a day where all three of us were available, it rained. Of course.

Still, we made the best of it and trekked the backcountry to get to Crested Butte, where Scott initially took Kara to propose. Car sickness and rain (and my son’s extreme fatigue from not getting much sleep) aside, we laughed and talked and plotted and planned, making the best of it.

Upon arriving, the rain actually stopped, for which we were thankful, but we were greeted by loud bellows from lots and lots and lots of cows!

Scott and Kara

They made for some fun pictures and all, and I have a video that I’m willing to sell to the highest bidder, but there were landmines, if you know what I mean, which made the hike in slightly challenging, given the already soggy grounds. Still, we decided we were on their land, so we made the best of it. Notice how even the cow was grossed out enough to walk away?

Scott and Kara

Anyway, so we were headed to Judd Falls. It was quite chilly, wet, and dark with the cloud cover, not exactly ideal photography weather, but we were determined all the same.

Scott and Kara
Scott and Kara
Scott and Kara

Scott decided to reenact the proposal.

Scott and Kara

I’m rather hopeful that he didn’t crack up laughing during the real question-popping moment.

Scott and Kara

I decided to then give them a second or two alone to remember that special day. What I really meant is, I’ll be taking a picture of the waterfall and kind of spying on you. For the record, I make a terrible spy.

Scott and Kara

These were supposed to make up their Save the Date announcements. Only thing is, in the end, they changed the date. Of course.

Scott and Kara

Both these two and the scenery were just gorgeous. Even the cows were lovely against the soggy greens. (The cows are part of the story that day. That’s why they are here. Also, cows — yay!)

Scott and Kara
Scott and Kara
Scott and Kara

A little silliness — (Truth: Their whole session is more “outtake” like this than serious, but that’s just who they are!)

Scott and Kara

Everyone say goodbye to the cows, because they did NOT seem happy to have us there.

Scott and Kara

Scott and Kara will be married in January, and we couldn’t be happier to have Kara joining our family. And to answer the big question: No, no I will not be photographing the wedding. I will be experiencing their amazing day, not documenting it. Sometimes you have to put the camera down and live your beautiful everyday life.

PS: I wrote a little bit about their engagement at —

Struggling with the blessings | Angela Giles Klocke - […] year, I will become a mother-in-law and a grandma. This baffles me, and the humor is not lost on me. As I face this mystery of who I am […]

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The Lovely Little Lady S {Colorado Springs Newborn Photography}

So, this happened!


I’m sure you remember when this beauty was still a baby bump? Yeah, well, she’s been here for a little while and now I’m able to share her newborn pictures with you. Like many of the special babies born this year, this darling one also holds a special place in my heart. Being able to go from engagement to wedding, rock the dress to BABY, well, that’s pretty big for me as a photographer, and this year has been slap full of these special photographic (and heart) moments.

This has been the Year of the Baby, so when it was time for this one, I was on pins and needles, waiting, praying, and so excited. I got to meet her one week later.

(I sort of had to stand on tiptoe to get this mirror shot. I have no idea how Baby Girl is supposed to be able to look at herself and then pull the mirror off the wall and break it. But maybe that’s the point…)


By the way, in case you don’t know this about me, I’m the Baby Whisperer. Babies from all over smile when I ask them to so that I can take their picture. It’s true. Ask anyone! (Don’t, however, ask if they ever cry around me, because then those parents are just lying. Like, seriously.)


I knew as soon as I saw pictures of the nursery that I would somehow get a photo with this tree. I am in love!


As babies are often wont to do, this dear one see-sawed between sleep and being alert, and we loved — and photographed — her all the same.


Oh, hello gorgeous mama! Like mother, like daughter. Autumn is, as you may have learned already, one of my favorite people. She is gentle and kind and compassionate, and even if she weren’t so beautiful on the outside, she would still be beautiful on the outside. Because that is how wonderful she is. And watching her as a mother, well, my heart just grew three sizes bigger.


Jake is pretty too. (I wouldn’t want him to feel left out.) But honestly? The baby just brings his whole look together, amiright?


I just don’t tire of looking at these baby faces, and this tiny one just steals my heart.


Lest you think Jake has gotten too serious since becoming a dad… (Can’t you almost hear her saying, “Daaaaaad!”?)


And lastly, well, she IS her father’s child.


A little behind-the-scenes shot of Uncle Nic capturing a precious moment with his big brother and beautiful niece.


There will be more of this little one in the coming months. And her gorgeous best friend. (Oh yes, she already has a best friend!)

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Looking back on October

A few things I learned –

I can push myself in healthy ways. During this last month, I walked and ran a lot. I pushed to my farthest walk/run at 6.26. I’m proud of that. I might not do that every day, but I know it’s in me.

It’s silly to lie awake at night trying to figure out how everything will get done the next day. The truth is, it will all get done or it won’t. And life will go on either way.

Don’t be nervous when meeting old/new friends (old as in you know them online, but new as in you’re just now meeting them in person). People are people, and you ALREADY like each other. It’s all good.

Babies will be born on the one day you gave yourself off, and you won’t mind one bit.

Sometimes the world tries to tell you to stop giving, and then you have to tell that part of the world that it is a liar. Give more, not less. Time, gifts, food, whatever.

Other times, the world tells you to give up. Never, ever, ever give up.

Snapshots of the month –


In October, I wrote the following at

I also reinstated my personal blog, and The Tiara Project changed to Scars and Tiaras.

Did anything amazing, exciting, or beautiful happen for you in October?

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All dressed up for the ball

Air Force Ball 2013
Air Force Ball 2013
Air Force Ball 2013

Struggling with the blessings | Angela Giles Klocke - […] that’s an absurd (and mathematically very wrong) way to face her growing into a woman (a beautiful young woman who just continues to become more beautiful every single day). To hold her back in our minds only […]

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Human Trafficking Awareness

If you know me, you likely know that my passions lie in helping others. I am an advocate for victims, a mentor for teen parents, and I speak out against abuse. In more recent years, human trafficking has taken up a huge place in my heart, and I was recently honored to be able to work with a friend and shoot some awareness photos for the Human Trafficking Task Force of Southern Colorado. The photos were used in a slideshow during their 6th Annual Symposium.

exodus3When people think of human trafficking, images of India and Africa and Asia pop into their minds. Our local organization, The Exodus Road, recently put out a book of the same name by Laura Parker (senior vice president) with her husband, Matt Parker (president and founder), which details their own journey into the trenches of sex slavery. It is heartbreaking and inspiring, all at the same time.

If you’re in the area, you should visit them and take a tour of their offices. (Join their Facebook page.)

And you do NOT want to miss the rocks. Go in and ask about the rocks.

So, it’s true — this horrific crime against humanity IS happening over there, but it’s also happening here, in our own backyard. It’s an EVERYWHERE problem, thus the push for awareness. And I’m sharing here because we as artists can take part in the process of awareness by using our time and talents to speak out.


There is also a misconception that when U.S. children and teens (and adults) are trafficked, they are taken off to other countries. The truth is, many are kept right here on our own soil, sometimes in their own states, sometimes in their own cities (or the nearest big city). The prostitutes you look away from? They might be sex slaves, owned by pimps, doing what they are being made to do.

Isn’t that hard to wrap your brain around? What about your heart?


“You may choose to look the other way but you can never again say you did not know.” -William Wilberforce

If you didn’t know before, you know now. So the next question is, what will you do to help? Whatever it is, begin now. Someone is waiting for you to take action.

Lora - I think this, like many other huge issues (like….orphans!) are just so heavy and people feel so helpless that they turn away rather then face it. I am so glad you are bringing this topic to light, people CAN find ways to make a difference!!

agk - You are so right, Lora. I know the hard and heavy is too much for many. It’s too much for me, too. I just know we have to work together and that heavy or not, we CAN make that difference. But you already know that. :D

Lora - Absolutely! Change HAS to start somewhere, and I am proud to be counted as one of your friends as you continue to bring attention to the hard things that NEED to change!!

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