I hope you never lose your sense of wonder

“Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.” -Author Unknown


“We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


“To a resolute mind, wishing to do is the first step toward doing. But if we do not wish to do a thing it becomes impossible.” -Robert Southey


“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” -Kongzi


“Ride the energy of your own unique spirit.” -Gabrielle Roth


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Champlin Maternity {Colorado Springs Maternity Photography}

I don’t even like these people. How do they keep ending up on the other side of my camera? I mean, it’s not like they are kind or beautiful or funny…and they’re not even photogenic. At all! Sheesh.

OK, that was all for Jake. Because we have this ongoing war of sorts. And because he forgets that I have a blog, so while he might be the best heckler on a photo shoot, I get the last word.

Lucky for him, Autumn totally outshines any of our silliness, so her beauty wins. Plus, she makes him look pretty, too.


As I said, it wouldn’t be a photo shoot with these two if Jake didn’t heckle me (he is, after all, the one who launched my entire photography career) and stand in the background trying to be funny. Trying, Jake…just trying.


Or, as in this shot, at the ready to help his beautiful wife because silly me, I suggested it might be faster for him to jump in quickly to brush away her flyaway hair than for me to do it and run back to my place.


One thing’s for sure — we always have a great time. Oh, and that baby bump? We now have a baby girl.

Sneak Peek!


Her session is coming soon…

Autumn - I love these! Angela, you are such a talented photographer, writter, individual ! And you even managed to get incredible photos with Jake heckling you ;-) Thank you for preserving memories for us. I can’t wait to see the baby pics!!

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Looking back on August

{Taking my cue from Kristen at Chasing Blue Skies.}

During the month of August, I challenged myself to participate in MiddlePlaces.com‘s monthly photo fun. I haven’t done a daily project in quite some time (though I post a 365 Beauty shot almost daily on the KP Facebook page, I don’t actively take each shot on the day it is posted), so I enjoyed the process, even though I took almost every single picture with my phone. The point for me was to have fun, not take it too seriously.


August brought with it 15 years of marriage to my best friend, the start of a new school year (last child in high school, and my recent graduate started college!), and lots and lots of baby love! Plus, a resolution to really dig into this photography dream of mine, as well as to let go of some of the heavy weights that were holding me down (my old version of my memoir). To release is to make room for new and wonderful adventures. August has taught me that life is to be lived now, not in the painful past.

I am thankful for my family, friends, and those I get to work with. I am blessed with a life that, while not always easy, is always full of love. I am excited about what September holds.

In August, I wrote the following at MiddlePlaces.com:

Did anything amazing, exciting, or beautiful happen for you in August?

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Little Lady S – Oh the gorgeousness!

Baby Girl S is seriously one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met. SERIOUSLY. Her eyes smile, even when her lips don’t move. You can feel the joy radiate from her little self, and knowing her beautiful mommy, that doesn’t surprise me AT ALL. These two are A-MA-ZING. Together, they will take on the world, and I am so super proud to know them.

Little Lady S
Little Lady S
Little Lady S
Little Lady S
Little Lady S
Little Lady S
Little Lady S
Little Lady S
Little Lady S
Little Lady S

PS: Stop being so beautiful!

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Batman & The Princess

Fifteen-plus years ago, I met my best friend, my future husband. We married and then soon found ourselves caught up in the idea of melding two lives together, plus children. Like many marriages, the first couple of years were a little bumpy, a balance between elation and “what the heck do we do now?” moments. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t always good either. I think that’s what happens with many couples — they just don’t realize there will be more work after the wedding. The honeymoon period phases out and real life steps in. And maybe that’s when many marriages fail, the couples giving up when it gets hard. No longer are the things you found so cute just as cute. Now they annoy you. Or you’re afraid to communicate. Or you don’t know how to be two people who live together now. Whatever the case, marriage isn’t always easy.

But it’s worth it.

My husband is my very best friend. We’ve worked together (we actually met at work), raised children together, griped about life together, held each other’s hands through medical issues (well, he’s the one in the waiting room 99% of the time), carried each other’s baggage from the past, laughed, played, fought, moved, and everything else under the sun. He is the one I go to for anything I can’t say to anyone else. He is my rock and my shoulder and my soft place to land.

He also gets me. He knows how I am, that I like to be silly, that I like to be creative. He knows I’m not made of ordinary materials where I can ignore my heart and desires, that I dream big and aim high. He also knows I hate to put away the laundry and loathe cleaning the bathroom. I complain about the dogs and gripe about the way cashiers bag my groceries. And he’s OK with it.

I’m a crazy, beautiful mess, and he accepts me just as I am.

Fifteen years. I’ve loved this man for 15+ years and I will love him always.

And besides, how many husbands will not only support silly photo ideas but also encourage them and give ideas on how to make them better? So, on our fifteenth wedding anniversary this month, after a wonderful morning hike and before a great old-fashioned dinner-and-a-movie date, we did this:

Anniversary 15


Anniversary 15

And a few other pics from our day

Anniversary 15
Anniversary 15
Anniversary 15
Anniversary 15
Anniversary 15
Anniversary 15

And we lived happily ever after… (Oh honey, stop rolling your eyes!)

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Grow into the Dress, Year 4

The first thing you need to remember about this little lady is, she’s super smart. But she’s also still just a child. So she is torn between loving all the attention I give her when it’s photo shoot time, and also just wanting to play. We try to kick off our sessions with some play and fun –


And then we get down to business with the goal of getting her yearly Grow into the Dress shots. She is currently at the age where she isn’t thrilled with the sitting still long enough to pose bit, so this year we didn’t spend a ton of time in the dress, but as you can see, she is growing up way too fast and my heart is only a little bit petrified at the idea that she will one day be a gorgeous teenager who, as her father put it, might only be allowed to stand next to this dress at that point.;)


Per the usual, there will be more from this session soon. We have fairy dust and the cutest danged flower you ever did see, coming next time!

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Rex & Leanne — 25 Years of Wedded Bliss

Earlier this year, I had the extreme honor of being asked by some awesome people I adore to photograph a 25-year wedding renewal ceremony. I had no idea I would be part of one of the warmest, funniest family events ever. Surrounded by family, their children and grandchildren, and friends, Rex and Leanne celebrated 25 years of marriage by saying “I DO” all over again.

If you’ve ever attended a wedding, you know how special and beautiful it is to watch a couple begin a life together. But there is something even more extraordinary about witnessing a couple recommit to each other after 25 years of marriage. It’s something worth seeing, but even more, as I write this on the eve of my own anniversary (15 years!), it’s something to strive for.

Thank you for inviting me to preserve your special memories, and here’s to 25 more years!


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