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Cicily Janus, Author & Retreat Founder – Colorado Photography

The very talented, hilarious, and gorgeous Cicily Janus (you’ve seen her here before) contacted me for author andView full post »

The Balloon Idea – Colorado Family Photography

I want you all to know, the night before this shoot, I had a dream that I showed up and was without the balloons. AndView full post »

The Lyon Family Grew – Colorado Family Photography

True Confession: I cried on the way to this session and then again on the way home. I don’t know why I was soView full post »

Have a blessed Easter

*Note: Klocke Photography is closed through April 9 to observe Easter. Please allow until April 10 for responses to anyView full post »

Shayne and Megan Are Getting Married – Colorado Engagement Photography

The day I received an email from Shayne about a surprise engagement photo shoot, I was out and about, away from myView full post »

Making Faces – Colorado Art Photography

Recently, I decided that because I am both a photographer and a writer, I was kind of tired of keeping the two separateView full post »

Featured Wedding – The Staplefords

Colorado Wedding Photography It is often asked of me (and often advised) for potential clients to see a full wedding,View full post »

Joe and Kelly Got Married! – Colorado Springs Wedding Photography

Once upon a time, two people found each other and fell in love… …The End? Oh no, just the beginning! You mayView full post »

Abby E. Murray, Poet – Colorado Springs Photography

…and her husband, Tom! True story: When Abby contacted me to ask about shooting author photos for her second chapbookView full post »

Why I Don’t Have a Home Studio

Here at Klocke Photography, I have indeed been thinking about the merits of having studio space (this IS Colorado, afterView full post »

Someone got a new baby

Truth: It’s almost 5:00 on a Saturday and I’ve been swamped…and all I have are MORE dog photos. Forgive meView full post »


“Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.”View full post »

If you give a dog a spatula…

Well, technically, she stole it. Bygones. Hailey loves her spatula, but she’s not the biggest fan of me and myView full post »

This is the way we brush our teeth

When it’s tooth-brushing time for puppies, Sadee (the beagle) quietly runs and hides in the crate. Challenge (theView full post »

as it relates to you

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” -Thomas FullerView full post »

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