Little Man G {Woodland Park Newborn Photography}

Get ready to get your “Awwwwww…!” on. Nine days after this gorgeous (yes, I said it) little guy was born, I had the honor of being able to visit and take some newborn shots of him. This gorgeous (yes, I said it again!) baby is the firstborn of my beautiful friends, Eric and Heidi.

You ready for this?

Baby G
Baby G
Baby G
Baby G

I love the two very different moods in these –

Baby G

Serious sweetness. Oh my heart…

Baby G
Baby G
Baby G

And a few glimpses of behind the scenes, where Mama is also a photographer, and I do love catching others capturing a moment –

Baby G
Baby G

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Looking back on September

A few things I learned –

If you set a goal and then fall behind, you don’t have to just quit and start over again later. Just pick up where you left off. It’s OK! (I set a goal to walk every single day in September. By Day 3, I was terribly sick — probably from trying to push this goal on Days 1 & 2 — so I stayed in bed a few days. Then later, I had a medical test done that left me on my back – literally! – for days. So, no walking. I could have just said “OK, let’s readjust this goal to fit October instead,” but I didn’t. I just picked up and kept going. Perfection isn’t the goal.)

It’s OK to do things your way.

Rest or rest may be forced upon you. When you’re sick, just rest. Don’t try to power through. The more you resist, the longer you may be sick. Just give in, crawl into bed, and let your body do its thing!

Life is full of the unexpected. Be flexible, keep your heart open, and the answer is love — always love (thank you, Dana).

Snapshots of the month –

klocke photographyklocke photographyklocke photographyklocke photographyklocke photography

Oh, and there was this –

Wedding Dress Shopping

In September, I wrote the following at

Did anything amazing, exciting, or beautiful happen for you in September?

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The other uses for reflectors

Photographers use reflectors to, well, reflect light. But often, they can double as resting spots for toddlers.


Or as a backdrop — totally the child’s idea.


And not to be forgotten, the reflector cover can be used as a blanket!


In a child’s world, imagination reigns, and I love when I get to be there to capture it.

*The photographer in these shots is Micaela of Reminder Photography, one of our awesome P.E.P. group members.

Related: Reflectors are fun for adults, too!

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Aga Maternity {Woodland Park Maternity Photography}

I have seriously fallen in love with maternity photography. Up until this last year, I hadn’t really had the opportunity to attempt such sessions, but then so many people that I love and adore ended up expecting at the same(ish) time. Now I’m surrounded by bellies and babies, and I just love it!

So, then, here we have one of my favorite little families, now waiting on Baby #2! Just yesterday, I was working alongside Markaya and she was in high school. Just yesterday, I was watching her get married to Casey. And just yesterday, Lia was born. Right? That all JUST happened! Oh Time, you are a silly fast-paced deal…


And I really just can’t resist some Little Lady Lia Only shots, because…do you remember when she was THIS tiny?


Seriously. That was almost 3 years ago. Slow down, baby girl!


As of this post, we are officially on Baby Watch. The next time you see this family, they will be rejoicing over Little Man Fynn!

Auntie Aly - Isn’t my sister-in-law just perfect!? Beautiful, beautiful photos of this family I love so much. Come and join us, Fynn!!

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These pictures were their ideas

I strongly believe in having lots of fun on photo shoots. I also believe in letting a child know they can trust me and that I will take them seriously. So when they insist on certain photos, I go along. And I don’t just pretend to take the picture — I actually do so and then process it and include it with the client’s final pictures. Though it’s highly doubtful any of them will ever be printed, I like the child to see that I cared enough about what THEY cared about, and next time? They’ll trust me even more.


“While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.”
-Angela Schwindt

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Elzas Maternity | Woodland Park Maternity Photography

Oh, have you met Eric and Heidi once or half a dozen times already? Well, sure, but have you met them like this? All pregnified and whatnot? (Truth in Advertising: the baby is here!) After a couple of re-schedulings due to rain (oh Colorado!), we finally had the opportunity to meet up and do this! (Truth in Advertising 2: it actually rained on this day too, but then the sun came out at the end and gifted us with gorgeous sunlight!) We returned to their wedding site, the official starting place of their Mr. and Mrs. Elzas journey, and…as usual…Heidi rocked the camera, and Eric heckled the photographer. And I wouldn’t want it any other way!


A mother’s idea –


A father’s idea –


One thing I love love love to do when Eric is in the picture is stop giving direction. He poses for half a second and then I can hear him ask Heidi what he’s supposed to do now. Because it produces some of the funniest natural moments, I just keep doing it. It’d be best if no one tells Eric that I do this…


Oh, and as is tradition, the “last” shot of the session –


Coming Soon: Elzas Baby Boy G!

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