Photographers Encouraging Photographers

I believe there is enough to go around in this world. I believe when we help each other, the world becomes a richer place. And I believe it is our duty to teach others what we know.

Last year, my Kelsey (of Kelsey Ann Photography) and I decided to start a group for other photographers. We wanted to talk with and encourage others, and be encouraged in return. A nice little circle of passion and fun and uplifting words instead of the walls we had run into on our own. Unlike the writing world, of which I have been part of for most of my life, I found a big portion of the photography world to be more closed off and unwilling to mentor without a price tag attached. I was disheartened to find doors and windows closed more often than not.

Again, I believe there’s enough to go around. So I am not afraid to share knowledge with others. In fact, it fills me with joy to be able to do so, to impart what I’ve learned so the road isn’t as hard for the next person. The start of our P.E.P. group was a natural next step. And I’ve loved every bit of it!

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. -Proverb 27:17

Our group in action —


Ah, I love us so much!


Some examples of the work my awesome fellow photographers are doing —

Jessica is growing by leaps and bounds! She is out to follow her heart, and you’ll want to follow her work.


Next is Megan’s work. Megan is my girl. You will recognize her from HERE. She wanted to share this image –


And this one is by Emily, an honorary P.E.P. member who doesn’t live here but visits and has many friends.


(Uh, notice one of my favorite models has ended up in front of other cameras!)

Find them and other P.E.P. members on Facebook (not everyone has a page yet – only some members are in it for business; others prefer hobby) —

And finally, this is my Kelsey, with whom I impart ALL of my knowledge (read: nag, nag, nag) —


Friends, whatever your field, whatever your career or passion, share it with someone else. You can’t take it with you, and you’ll be that much richer by sharing with others. Teach, and you will learn. Share, and you will gain. Pass it on.

PS: More P.E.P. photos to come soon… And if YOU are a photographer in the Teller County area (Colorado), we’d love to have you join us. Contact me for details! (We meet twice a month.)


  1. Nic says

    Awesome blog :), I totally procrastinated… sorry I didn’t get a pic to ya haha. Hey Angela… that picture of me… the left one… I needs that as a profile picture :) if you will.

    P.S. You’re all pretty darn talented.